Section 51-1-28. Transfusions, transplants, and transfers of human blood, tissue, organs; negligence prerequisite to recovery for damages  

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  •    (a) The injection, transfusion, or other transfer of human whole blood, blood plasma, blood products, or blood derivatives and the transplanting or other transfer of any tissue, bones, or organs into or onto the human body shall not be considered a sale of any commodity, goods, property, or product subject to sale or barter but, instead, shall be considered as the rendition of medical services. No implied warranties of any kind or description shall be applicable thereto and no person, firm, or corporation participating in such services shall be liable for damages unless negligence is proven.

    (b) Code Section 51-1-27 shall not be affected by subsection (a) of this Code section.
Code 1933, § 105-1105, enacted by Ga. L. 1971, p. 457, § 1.