§ 51-1-1. Tort defined
§ 51-1-2. Ordinary diligence and ordinary negligence defined
§ 51-1-3. Extraordinary diligence and slight negligence defined
§ 51-1-4. Slight diligence and gross negligence defined
§ 51-1-5. Meaning of "due care" in reference to child of tender years
§ 51-1-6. Recovery of damages upon breach of legal duty
§ 51-1-7. When infraction of public duty gives cause of action to individual
§ 51-1-8. Right of action arising from breach of private duty
§ 51-1-9. Recovery for torts to self, wife, child, ward, or servant
§ 51-1-10. Who may bring an action for torts to wife; action by wife living apart from husband for torts to self or children
§ 51-1-11. When privity required to support action; product liability action and time limitation therefore; industry-wide liability theories rejected
§ 51-1-11.1. Liability of product seller as a manufacturer
§ 51-1-12. Liability for ratifying tort
§ 51-1-13. Cause of action for physical injury; intention considered in assessing damages
§ 51-1-14. Violent injury or attempt to commit injury
§ 51-1-15. Right of action for abduction or harboring of wife
§ 51-1-16. Right of action for seduction of daughter; exemplary damages
§ 51-1-17. Rights of action for adultery, alienation of affections, and criminal conversation abolished
§ 51-1-18. Furnishing alcoholic beverages to minor children; gambling with minor children
§ 51-1-19. Negligence by person given trust or confidence for consideration
§ 51-1-20. Liability of persons serving charitable organizations and public entities while acting in good faith
§ 51-1-20.1. Liability of volunteers, employees, or officers of nonprofit association conducting or sponsoring sports or safety program; liability of association
§ 51-1-20.2. Liability of child passenger safety technicians
§ 51-1-21. Liability of owner of watercraft for torts generally
§ 51-1-22. Owner's liability for negligent operation of vessel; express or implied consent prerequisite
§ 51-1-23. Sale of unwholesome provisions
§ 51-1-24. Sale of adulterated drugs or alcoholic beverages
§ 51-1-25. Furnishing of wrong article or medicine by vender of drugs and medicines
§ 51-1-26. Survivability of actions under Code Sections 51-1-23 through 51-1-25
§ 51-1-27. Recovery for medical malpractice authorized
§ 51-1-28. Transfusions, transplants, and transfers of human blood, tissue, organs; negligence prerequisite to recovery for damages
§ 51-1-29. Liability of persons rendering emergency care
§ 51-1-29.1. Liability of voluntary health care provider and sponsoring organization
§ 51-1-29.2. Liability of persons or entities acting to prevent, minimize, and repair injury and damage resulting from catastrophic acts of nature
§ 51-1-29.3. Immunity for operators of external defibrillators
§ 51-1-29.4. Liability of voluntary health care providers and sponsoring organizations; cumulative immunity; application
§ 51-1-29.5. Definitions; limitation on health care liability claim to gross negligence in emergency medical care; factors for jury consideration
§ 51-1-30. Liability of officers and agents for acts performed while fighting fires or performing duties at the scene of emergencies
§ 51-1-30.1. Exemption from tort liability of drivers and operators of fire apparatus in certain municipalities
§ 51-1-30.2. Immunity of teachers and school personnel from liability for communicating information concerning drug abuse
§ 51-1-30.3. Immunity from liability for persons providing certain services upon public or private school property and for public or private schools requesting such services
§ 51-1-30.4. Immunity from liability for officers providing security at nuclear facilities
§ 51-1-31. Liability from donation of canned or perishable food to charitable or nonprofit organizations for use or distribution
§ 51-1-32. Separate causes of action for personal injury and property damage caused by motor vehicle
§ 51-1-33. Settlement of single action under Code Section 51-1-32 -- Evidence in separate action
§ 51-1-34. Settlement of single action under Code Section 51-1-32 -- Effect in separate action
§ 51-1-35. When negotiating or obtaining statement from injured adverse party prohibited; effect of prohibited settlement in court action
§ 51-1-36. Duty of care of operator of motor vehicle to passengers
§ 51-1-37. Negligent or improper administration of polygraph examination; measure of damages
§ 51-1-38. Tort immunity for medical students; exceptions
§ 51-1-39. Liability for injuries of person committing crime on political subdivision property
§ 51-1-40. Liability for acts of intoxicated persons
§ 51-1-41. Liability of sports officials at amateur athletic contests
§ 51-1-42. Limitation of liability for transportation of senior citizens by volunteer
§ 51-1-43. "Roller Skating Safety Act of 1993."
§ 51-1-44. Limitation of liability for dental students
§ 51-1-45. Immunity of persons serving without compensation as athletic team physicians
§ 51-1-46. "Drug Dealer Liability Act"; purpose; definitions; actions against persons participating in illegal marketing of controlled substances
§ 51-1-47. Immunity for disconnection of motor vehicle air bags
§ 51-1-48. Diligence required in reviewing claims; nonwaivable liability is not created; definitions
§ 51-1-49. Requirements for maintaining cause of action against managed care entity; notice; independent review
§ 51-1-50. Immunity of broadcasters from liability for Levi's Call: Georgia's Amber Alert Program
§ 51-1-51. Limitations on liability of liquefied petroleum gas providers
§ 51-1-52. Federal law payor guidelines and criteria not a legal basis for negligence or standard of care for medical malpractice or product liability
§ 51-1-53. Recreational joint-use agreements


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