Section 33-58-4. Notice of annuity to Commissioner  

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  •    (a) A charitable organization that issues qualified charitable gift annuities shall notify the Commissioner in writing by the later of October 1, 2000, or the date on which it enters into the organization's first qualified charitable gift annuity agreement. The notice shall:

       (1) Be signed by an officer or director of the organization;

       (2) Identify the organization; and

       (3) Certify that:

          (A) The organization is a charitable organization; and

          (B) The annuities issued by the organization are qualified charitable gift annuities.

    (b) The charitable organization shall not be required to submit additional information except to determine appropriate penalties that may be applicable under Code Section 33-58-5.
Code 1981, § 33-58-4, enacted by Ga. L. 2000, p. 868, § 1.