§ 36-64-1. "Governing body" defined
§ 36-64-2. Authority to dedicate, set apart, acquire, or lease lands or buildings for recreation; appropriation for equipment and maintenance
§ 36-64-3. Establishment of system of supervised recreation; designation of board to provide and conduct recreational activities and facilities
§ 36-64-3.1. Use of dam sites and adjacent land for producing hydroelectric power
§ 36-64-4. Joint recreation systems
§ 36-64-5. Establishment of recreation board; powers and responsibilities; members; terms; officers; vacancies
§ 36-64-6. Acceptance of gifts for recreation purposes
§ 36-64-7. Issuance of bonds
§ 36-64-8. Petition for recreation system; provision of system on governing authority's own motion; referendums on issue of special tax and millage increase
§ 36-64-9. Establishment of system with tax money following favorable vote
§ 36-64-10. Levy and collection of recreation tax
§ 36-64-11. Payment of costs and expenses of recreation system; control of recreation fund
§ 36-64-12. Establishment, maintenance, and conduct of recreation system not mandatory
§ 36-64-13. Applicability of chapter generally
§ 36-64-14. Applicability of chapter to recreation and playground commissions, boards, and systems created by special Acts of General Assembly
§ 36-64-15. Removal of minimum or maximum recreation tax by municipality or county


TITLE 36 Chapter 64 NOTE

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