§ 36-6-1. Qualifications for office; election; commission; term; abolishment and fixing compensation of office by General Assembly
§ 36-6-2. Requirement of bond and oath
§ 36-6-3. Form of oath
§ 36-6-4. When bond to be given; form and amount
§ 36-6-5. Filing and recordation of oath and bond
§ 36-6-6. Recordation of bond to bind third parties; effect of recordation after 30 days
§ 36-6-7. Effect of Code Sections 36-6-5 and 36-6-6 on lien of bond
§ 36-6-8. Time at which lien of bond arises
§ 36-6-9. Governor's directions relating to bond; payment of costs of transmitting and recording bond
§ 36-6-10. Location of office
§ 36-6-11. Books and stationery furnished by county
§ 36-6-12. Compensation and fees
§ 36-6-13. Receipt of commission or fees in connection with certain road contracts; collection and disbursement of road contract funds
§ 36-6-14. Duties generally
§ 36-6-15. Collection and disbursal of funds generally
§ 36-6-16. Deposits of county funds in designated depositories
§ 36-6-16.1. Deposit of funds held for benefit of third persons by officer of county or court in treasury of counties having population of 600,000 or more
§ 36-6-17. Furnishing of bonds by depositories selected by treasurer
§ 36-6-18. Arrangements for payment of interest on deposits; disposition of interest payments
§ 36-6-19. Disposition of books of treasurer when full
§ 36-6-20. Delivery of money, books, papers, and property to successor
§ 36-6-21. Final settlement of accounts
§ 36-6-22. Requirement of accountings by treasurer
§ 36-6-23. Proceedings upon failure of treasurer to render accounting
§ 36-6-24. Removal of treasurer
§ 36-6-25. Filling of vacancies
§ 36-6-26. Bonds of persons appointed to fill vacancies
§ 36-6-27. Execution against county treasurer for failure to pay over money
§ 36-6-28. Purchase of county orders at less than full value or refusal to pay order


TITLE 36 Chapter 6 NOTE

CROSS REFERENCES. --Accounting for public funds generally, T. 45, C. 8.
IT WOULD NOT BE PROPER FOR ANYONE TO ASSUME DUTIES OF TREASURER nor would it be proper for the treasurer to attempt to delegate the treasurer's responsibilities and duties to some other officer or other person. 1965-66 Op. Att'y Gen. No. 65-94.