Section 51-1-30. Liability of officers and agents for acts performed while fighting fires or performing duties at the scene of emergencies  

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  •    (a) As used in this Code section, the term "fire department" includes volunteer fire departments established pursuant to local act, ordinance, or resolution or established as nonprofit corporations pursuant to private subscription and any fire department established as a department, bureau, or agency of a municipality, county, fire district, or authority of this state.

    (b) The officers, members, agents, or employees of any fire department established by any county, municipality, fire district, or authority shall not be liable at law for any act or acts done while actually fighting a fire or performing duties at the scene of an emergency, except for willful negligence or malfeasance.

    (c) This Code section shall not affect the right of any party to recover damages for an act which occurred before July 1, 1980.
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