Section 19-5-5. Petition; contents and verification; demand for detailed statement  

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  •    (a) The action for divorce shall be brought by written petition and process, the petition being verified by the petitioner.

    (b) The petition shall show:

       (1) The residence or last known address of the respondent;

       (2) That the applicant meets the residence requirements for bringing an action for divorce or that the applicant is bringing a counterclaim and is not required to meet the residence requirements;

       (3) The date of the marriage and the date of the separation;

       (4) Whether or not there are any minor children of the parties and the name and age of each minor child;

       (5) The statutory ground upon which a divorce is sought; and

       (6) Where alimony or support or division of property is involved, the property and earnings of the parties, if such is known.

    (c) The respondent, at any time before trial, may file with the court a written demand for a detailed statement of the facts on which the grounds in the petition are predicated. The respondent shall cause a copy of the demand to be served upon the petitioner or upon the petitioner's counsel of record and the facts demanded shall be added to the petition in the form of an amendment thereto.
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