§ 9-3-20. Actions on foreign judgments
§ 9-3-21. Proceedings to set aside judgments
§ 9-3-22. Enforcement of rights under statutes, acts of incorporation; recovery of wages, overtime, and damages
§ 9-3-23. Sealed instruments
§ 9-3-24. Actions on simple written contracts; exceptions
§ 9-3-25. Open accounts; breach of certain contracts; implied promise; exception
§ 9-3-26. Other actions on contracts; exception
§ 9-3-27. Actions against fiduciaries
§ 9-3-28. Actions by informers
§ 9-3-29. Breach of restrictive covenant
§ 9-3-30. Trespass or damage to realty
§ 9-3-30.1. Actions against manufacturers or suppliers of asbestos or material containing asbestos
§ 9-3-30.2. Actions against persons engaged in land surveying
§ 9-3-31. Injuries to personalty
§ 9-3-32. Recovery of personal property; damages for conversion or destruction
§ 9-3-33. Injuries to the person; injuries to reputation; loss of consortium; exception
§ 9-3-33.1. Actions for childhood sexual abuse
§ 9-3-34. Article not applicable to malpractice
§ 9-3-35. Actions by creditor seeking relief under Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act


TITLE 9 Chapter 3 Article 2 NOTE

CROSS REFERENCES. --Time limitation on bringing of actions against counties, § 36-11-1. Time limitation on actions on bonds given by person handling public funds, § 45-8-9. Time limitation on bringing of actions against railroad companies for recovery of damages for any wrong or injury inflicted by such companies, § 46-1-2. Time limitation on bringing of product liability actions, § 51-1-11.
EFFECT OF COMMENCEMENT AND SERVICE OF PROCESS STATUTES. --By holding that service of process does not relate back to toll statutes of limitations unless the plaintiff has acted diligently, the Georgia courts have interpreted O.C.G.A. §§ 9-11-3 and 9-11-4 as integral parts of the state statutes of limitations. Cambridge Mut. Fire Ins. Co. v. City of Claxton, 720 F.2d 1230 (11th Cir. 1983).
ALR. --Statute of limitations as applied to certificate of deposit, 23 ALR 7; 128 ALR 157.
   Applicability to limitation prescribed by policy of insurance or by special statutory provision in relation to insurance of provisions of statute of limitations extending time or fixing time when action deemed commenced, 23 ALR 97; 149 ALR 483.
   Limitation of actions: availability of statute, and time when it begins to run, where one assumes and agrees to pay another's debt, 31 ALR 1056.
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   When statute of limitations begins to run against action to recover upon contract payable in installments, 82 ALR 316.
   Liability insurance: limitation of time within which to sue insurer, 83 ALR 748.
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   When statute of limitation commences to run against an action based on breach of duty by recording officer, 110 ALR 1067.
   Action by one not in possession of land to cancel deed upon ground of fraud as within statute of limitations applicable to actions for relief upon ground of fraud, or statute relating to actions for recovery of real property, 118 ALR 199.
   Statute of limitation applicable to action to enforce superadded statutory liability of stockholder of bank or other corporation, in absence of limitation provision specifically applicable to such action, 126 ALR 264.
   Statute of limitation applicable to suit by creditor to set aside transfers of debtor's property, 128 ALR 1289.
   Necessity of introducing evidence dehors written contract as affecting question as to which statute of limitations applies, 129 ALR 603.
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   What statute of limitations governs action to reform instrument, 36 ALR2d 687.
   What statute of limitations governs action or claim for affirmative relief against usurious obligation or to recover usurious payment, 48 ALR2d 401.
   What statute of limitations applies to action under dramshop or civil damage act, 55 ALR2d 1286.
   Construction, application, and effect, with reference to statutory causes of action, of statute of forum which admits bar of statute of limitations of other state, 67 ALR2d 216.
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   What statute of limitations governs damage action against attorney for malpractice, 2 ALR4th 284.
   Applicability of statute of limitations or doctrine of laches to proceeding to revoke or suspend license to practice medicine, 51 ALR4th 1147.
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   Application of statute of limitations in private tort actions based on injury to persons or property caused by underground flow of contaminants, 11 ALR5th 438.
   Emotional or psychological "blocking" or repression as tolling running of statute of limitations, 11 ALR5th 588.
   What statute of limitations applies to state law action by public sector employee for breach of union's duty of fair representation, 12 ALR5th 950.
   Causes of action governed by limitations period in UCC § 2-725, 49 ALR5th 1.