Article 1. IN GENERAL  

§ 44-7-1. Creation of landlord and tenant relationship; rights of tenant; construction of lease for less than five years
§ 44-7-2. Parol contract creating landlord and tenant relationship; certain provisions prohibited; effect of provision for attorney's fees
§ 44-7-3. Disclosure of ownership and agents; effect of failure to comply
§ 44-7-4. Local ordinances relating to security of premises occupied by tenants; cumulative effect of this Code section
§ 44-7-5. When implied contract to pay rent arises
§ 44-7-6. Tenancy at will -- Creation when no time period specified
§ 44-7-7. Tenancy at will -- Notice required for termination
§ 44-7-8. Tenancy at will -- Right of tenant to emblements
§ 44-7-9. Estoppel to dispute landlord's title or attorn to another
§ 44-7-10. Delivery of possession at end of term; summary remedy
§ 44-7-11. Specific rights of tenants
§ 44-7-12. Removal of trade fixtures during term; when abandoned
§ 44-7-13. Landlord's duties as to repairs and improvements
§ 44-7-14. Tort liability of landlord
§ 44-7-14.1. Landlord's duties as to utilities
§ 44-7-15. Effect of destruction of tenement on obligation to pay rent
§ 44-7-16. Accrual of interest on rent owed
§ 44-7-17. Exemption from liens against tenant of crops paid as rent
§ 44-7-18. Effect of leases for purposes of prostitution or assignation
§ 44-7-19. Restrictions on rent regulation by local governments
§ 44-7-20. Notification to prospective tenant of property's propensity toward flooding
§ 44-7-21. Written brokerage agreement as binding obligation; notice of commission rights form
§ 44-7-22. Termination of a residential rental agreement by a service member


TITLE 44 Chapter 7 Article 1 NOTE

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   Conditions accompanying or following dissolution of lessee corporation, as breach of covenant against assignment or sublease, 12 ALR2d 179.
   Remedy of tenant against stranger wrongfully interfering with his possession, 12 ALR2d 1192.
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   Sublessee's obligation to sublessor to perform latter's covenants in original lease, 24 ALR2d 707.
   Relative rights and liabilities of landlord, tenant, assignee, or sublessee where act is done increasing insurance rates, 30 ALR2d 489.
   Misrepresentation by lessor, in negotiations for lease, as to offers of rental received from third persons, as actionable fraud, 30 ALR2d 923.
   Breach of covenant for quiet enjoyment in lease, 41 ALR2d 1414.
   Enforcement of, or waiver of or estoppel to assert, forfeiture clause of lease made or held by cotenants as lessors, 50 ALR2d 1365.
   Measure of evicted tenant's recovery for improvements made by him on premises for lease uses, 71 ALR2d 1104.
   Liability of mortgagee or lienholder of a lease with respect to rents or covenants therein, 73 ALR2d 1118.
   Estoppel of lessee, because of occupancy of, or other activities in connection with, premises, to assert invalidity of lease because of irregularities in description or defects in execution, 84 ALR2d 920.
   Liability as between lessor and lessee, where lease does not specify, for taxes and assessments, 86 ALR2d 670.
   Validity, construction, and effect of lessor's covenant against use of his other property in competition with the lessee-covenantee, 97 ALR2d 4.
   Liability of lessee who assigns lease for rent accruing subsequently to extension or renewal of term, 10 ALR3d 818.
   Tenant's rights under unexercised option to purchase as affected by landlord's breach of lease or lease agreement, 12 ALR3d 1128.
   Landlord's duty, on tenant's failure to occupy, or abandonment of, premises, to mitigate damages by accepting or procuring another tenant, 21 ALR3d 534.
   Infestation of leased dwelling or apartment with vermin as entitling tenant to abandon premises or as constructive eviction by landlord, in absence of express covenant of habitability, 27 ALR3d 924.
   Landlord and tenant: constructive eviction based on flooding, dampness, or the like, 33 ALR3d 1356.
   Landlord and tenant: what amounts to "sale" of property for purposes of provision giving tenant right of first refusal if landlord desires to sell, 70 ALR3d 203.
   Landlord supplying electricity, gas, water, or similar facility to tenant as subject to utility regulation, 75 ALR3d 1204.
   Requirements as to certainty and completeness of terms of lease in agreement to lease, 85 ALR3d 414.
   Lease provisions providing for rent adjustment based on event or formula outside control of parties, 87 ALR3d 986.
   Use of property for multiple dwellings as violating restrictive covenant permitting property to be used for residential purposes only, 99 ALR3d 985.
   Landlord and tenant: constructive eviction by another tenant's conduct, 1 ALR4th 849.
   Shopping center lease restrictions on type of business conducted by tenant, 1 ALR4th 942.
   Measure of damages for landlord's breach of implied warranty of habitability, 1 ALR4th 1182.
   Option to purchase real property as affected by optionor's receipt of offer for, or sale of, larger tract which includes the optioned parcel, 34 ALR4th 1217.
   Sublessee's rights with respect to primary lessee's option to renew lease, 39 ALR4th 824.
   Landlord's fraud, deceptive trade practices, and the like, in connection with mobile home owner's lease or rental of landsite, 39 ALR4th 859.
   Merger or consolidation of corporate lessee as breach of clause in lease prohibiting, conditioning, or restricting assignment or sublease, 39 ALR4th 879.
   Death of lessee as terminating lease, 42 ALR4th 963.
   Landlord's liability for failure to protect tenant from criminal activities of third person, 43 ALR5th 207.
   Validity, construction, and application of mobile home eviction statutes, 43 ALR5th 705.
   Measure and elements of damages for lessee's breach of covenant as to repairs, 45 ALR5th 251.