§ 40-3-20. Certificate of title required; exemption; certificate a prerequisite to registration; documentation of payment or inapplicability of sales and use tax required to register a vehicle purchased outside the state
§ 40-3-21. Application for first certificate of title
§ 40-3-21.1. Fee for certificate of title for vehicle titled in another state at time of application
§ 40-3-22. Examination of records
§ 40-3-23. Issuance of certificate of title; maintenance of record of certificates issued; public inspection; furnishing records for fee
§ 40-3-24. Contents of certificate; certificate as evidence; not subject to garnishment or other process
§ 40-3-25. Entry of odometer reading on certificate of title upon sale or transfer of vehicle
§ 40-3-25.1. Redesignated
§ 40-3-26. Delivery of certificate; notice to junior security interest holders and lienholders; disposition of certificate when first lien or security interest satisfied
§ 40-3-27. General procedure for reflecting a subsequent transaction on certificate
§ 40-3-28. Registration of vehicle where commissioner not satisfied as to ownership of vehicle; bond
§ 40-3-29. Refusing certificate
§ 40-3-29.1. Redesignated
§ 40-3-30. Requirement of compliance with federal safety standards
§ 40-3-30.1. Definitions; inspections
§ 40-3-31. Lost, stolen, mutilated, or destroyed certificates
§ 40-3-31.1. Replacement certificates of title for mobile homes
§ 40-3-32. Transfer of vehicle generally
§ 40-3-32.1. Application for transfer of title to local tag agent by purchaser of manufactured home; payment of ad valorem taxes required for new certificate
§ 40-3-33. Transfer of vehicle to or from dealer; records to be kept by dealers
§ 40-3-34. Transfer of vehicle by operation of law; joint interest with survivorship
§ 40-3-35. When commissioner to issue new certificate to transferee; filing and retention of surrendered certificates
§ 40-3-35.1. Redesignated
§ 40-3-35.2. Duty of Georgia Bureau of Investigation to inspect certain motor vehicles; authority to employ persons to carry out such inspections
§ 40-3-36. Cancellation of certificate of title for scrap, dismantled, or demolished vehicles or trailers; salvage certificate of title; administrative enforcement; removal of license plates
§ 40-3-36.1. Designation of flood damaged or fire damaged vehicle on certificate of title
§ 40-3-37. Salvaged or rebuilt motor vehicles; inspections; fees; exemption of motorcycles; glider kits
§ 40-3-38. Fees
§ 40-3-39. Compensation of tag agents; mailing of applications to department
§ 40-3-40. Reports and remittances by tag agents
§ 40-3-41. Suspension or revocation of certificates
§ 40-3-42. Postmark as proof of timely submission of documents; responsibility for collection of penalty for late submission
§ 40-3-43. Transfer of certificate to person, firm, or corporation paying total loss claim on stolen vehicle; administrative fine enforcement alternative; authority of Commissioner of Insurance


TITLE 40 Chapter 3 Article 2 NOTE

ALR. --Liability of state, in issuing automobile certificate of title, for failure to discover title defect, 28 ALR4th 184.