§ 36-80-1. All meetings of governing bodies to be public; private executive sessions; penalty
§ 36-80-2. Power to issue notes, certificates, and other evidence of indebtedness in anticipation of taxes
§ 36-80-3. Authorized investments of funds by governing bodies
§ 36-80-4. Delegation of governing body's investment authority to financial officer
§ 36-80-5. Relief from or composition of debts under federal statute prohibited
§ 36-80-6. State furnished services, assistance, funds, property, and other incentives for consolidated programs
§ 36-80-7. Execution of contracts, plans, and documents for consolidated programs
§ 36-80-8. Establishment of area offices for consolidated programs
§ 36-80-9. Promulgation of rules and regulations for consolidated programs; requirement of submission of plans and reports
§ 36-80-10. Election for unbonded debt -- Requirement and procedure
§ 36-80-11. Notice of election for unbonded debt
§ 36-80-12. Voting in election for unbonded debt; returns and declaration of election result
§ 36-80-13. Authorization to incur unbonded debt following favorable vote
§ 36-80-14. Annual sinking fund for unbonded debt
§ 36-80-15. Allocation and expenditure of proceeds from timber sales from military installations and facilities
§ 36-80-16. Local Government Authorities Registration
§ 36-80-16.1. PILOT restriction; payments in lieu of taxes defined; financing capital projects
§ 36-80-17. Authorization to contract for utility services; conditions and limitations
§ 36-80-18. Environmental assessment required prior to acquiring real property for recreational area; continuing assessment
§ 36-80-19. General codification of ordinances and resolutions; publication and availability of code; official state repository for general codifications
§ 36-80-20. Decal or seal required on vehicles owned or leased by any county, municipality, regional commission, school system, commission, board, or public authority
§ 36-80-21. Definitions; electronic transmission of budgets
§ 36-80-22. Definitions; restrictions; requirements
§ 36-80-23. Prohibition on immigration sanctuary policies by local governmental entities; certification of compliance.


TITLE 36 Chapter 80 NOTE

CROSS REFERENCES. --Powers and duties of counties, municipal corporations, and other entities, pertaining to lending of aid to construction, and operation of housing projects, § 8-3-150 et seq. Acquisition of property by counties, municipalities, and other entities for transportation purposes generally, T. 32, C. 3. Deferred compensation plans for county, municipal, and other employees, § 45-18-30 et seq. Liability of officers, agents, and others of counties, municipalities, and other entities for acts performed while fighting fires or performing duties at scene of emergencies, § 51-1-30.
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