§ 36-60-1. Licensing of self-service motor fuel dispensing pumps; penalty for operation without license or attendant
§ 36-60-2. Contracts to provide industrial waste water treatment services
§ 36-60-3. Restriction of adult bookstores and movie houses to certain areas
§ 36-60-4. Removal of junked motor vehicles; adoption of ordinances; authority to contract for removal
§ 36-60-5. Installation of road grates to accommodate bicycles
§ 36-60-6. Utilization of federal work authorization program; "employee" defined; issuance of license; evidence of state licensure; annual reporting; standardized form affidavit; violation; investigations
§ 36-60-6.1. Preservation and protection of abandoned or unmaintained cemeteries
§ 36-60-7. Use of excess proceeds of bonds issued to match state and federal allocations for hospital
§ 36-60-8. Audit of county or municipal corporation or units thereof
§ 36-60-9. Investigation of business for issuance of county or municipal license; criminal sanction for violation
§ 36-60-10. Annual meeting and agreement between county and city representatives as to services in portion of city within county
§ 36-60-11. Attorney General to receive a copy of any submission to the United States Department of Justice pursuant to federal Voting Rights Act of 1965
§ 36-60-12. Electronic security systems; installation, service, operation, sale, or lease by counties or municipal corporations
§ 36-60-13. Multiyear lease, purchase, or lease-purchase contracts
§ 36-60-14. Authority to enter into certain one-year, or less, contracts; exception
§ 36-60-15. Property subject to contract for lease purchase or installment purchase
§ 36-60-15.1. Operation and maintenance of water treatment systems by private entities
§ 36-60-16. Separate approval of municipal and county consolidation by referendum
§ 36-60-17. Water supplier's cut off of water to premises because of indebtedness of prior owner, occupant, or lessee prohibited; records required; limited liens for unpaid charges for water, gas, sewerage service, or electricity
§ 36-60-17.1. Localities prohibited from requiring connection with or use of water supplied by a public water system except when other water unfit; charges or fees for services made available but not used prohibited; applicability
§ 36-60-18. Obtaining real property within adjoining county which will be exchanged for federal property
§ 36-60-19. Dispatch centers; required training for communications officers; exceptions; penalty for noncompliance
§ 36-60-20. Political subdivisions have no liability for losses from any failure or malfunction of computer software
§ 36-60-21. Contracts with private companies to construct and operate private toll roads and bridges to facilitate public transportation without additional tax revenues
§ 36-60-22. Rock quarry operations prohibited under certain circumstances.
§ 36-60-23. Volunteer firefighters for counties and municipalities
§ 36-60-24. Sale of products or services
§ 36-60-25. Certificates of public necessity and convenience and medallions for taxicabs
§ 36-60-26. Unlawful to issue backdated license, permit, or other authorizing document; documents issued in violation void in entirety; criminal penalty for violations


TITLE 36 Chapter 60 NOTE

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