§ 36-42-1. Short title
§ 36-42-2. Legislative purpose
§ 36-42-3. Definitions
§ 36-42-4. Creation of authorities; appointment and terms of directors; quorum
§ 36-42-5. Activation of authority by resolution; filing of resolution with Secretary of State and Department of Community Affairs; comments by Department of Community Affairs
§ 36-42-6. Action by resolution subsequent to activating authority
§ 36-42-7. Qualifications and reimbursement of directors; election of officers; training
§ 36-42-8. Powers of authorities generally
§ 36-42-8.1. Eminent domain by municipality or authority
§ 36-42-9. Revenue bonds generally
§ 36-42-10. Applicability of "Revenue Bond Law"; form and provisions for exchange and transfer of bonds; certificate of validation; specification of interest rates in notice to district attorney or Attorney General
§ 36-42-11. Agreements and instruments of authority generally; use of proceeds; subsequent issues; bond anticipation notes
§ 36-42-12. Obligations of authorities not public debt of state or political subdivision thereof
§ 36-42-13. Constitutional authority for enactment of chapter; tax exemption
§ 36-42-14. Effect of chapter on other public authorities
§ 36-42-15. Construction of chapter; applicability of the "Georgia Uniform Securities Act of 2008."
§ 36-42-16. Creation of special districts


TITLE 36 Chapter 42 NOTE

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