§ 33-1-1. Short title
§ 33-1-2. Definitions
§ 33-1-3. Application of title to certain corporations, societies, and companies
§ 33-1-4. Use of existing forms and filings
§ 33-1-5. Provisions of title relating to particular matters to prevail over general provisions
§ 33-1-6. Requirements for action as insurer generally
§ 33-1-7. Issuance or delivery of policy in violation of title
§ 33-1-8. Making of false statements; reporting of such statements
§ 33-1-9. Insurance fraud; venue; penalty; exemption
§ 33-1-10. Limitations upon right to choose funeral services for insured
§ 33-1-11. Entry into contracts by life insurers with funeral directors or undertakers for conduct of funerals of persons insured
§ 33-1-12. Entry into contracts by life insurers for provision of funeral merchandise or services to persons insured
§ 33-1-13. Receiving of compensation from undertakers on account of employment; giving of compensation by undertakers
§ 33-1-14. Regulation of certain persons providing coverage for medical or dental services
§ 33-1-15. Affidavit that insured's motor vehicle stolen
§ 33-1-16. Investigation of fraudulent insurance act; collection of evidence; immunity from liability; public inspection; enforcement
§ 33-1-17. Special Insurance Fraud Fund
§ 33-1-18. Housing tax credit for qualified projects; rules and regulations
§ 33-1-19. Special Advisory Commission on Mandated Health Insurance Benefits
§ 33-1-20. Health care sharing ministry defined; health care sharing ministry entering into health care cost sharing arrangements with participants not considered insurance company, health maintenance organization, or health benefit plan
§ 33-1-21. Certain subscription agreements for prepaid air ambulance service not contract of insurance; definitions
§ 33-1-22. English language version of policy controls