TITLE 19 Chapter 6 NOTE

CROSS REFERENCES. --Procedure for appeals from judgments or orders granting or refusing temporary or permanent alimony or holding or declining to hold persons in contempt of such alimony judgments or orders, § 5-6-35. Domestic relations long-arm statute, § 9-10-91(5).
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   For note appraising the Georgia domestic relations long-arm statute, see 18 Ga. L. Rev. 691 (1984). For note on 1995 amendments and enactments of sections in this chapter, see 12 Ga. St. U.L. Rev. 169 (1995).
TERM "FORMER SPOUSE" EQUATES WITH "PARENT" WHEN CONSIDERING CHILD SUPPORT ISSUES. --For the purposes of O.C.G.A. T. 19, Ch. 6 of the Georgia Domestic Relations Code, the term "former spouse" is equated with "parent" when considering issues of child support. Monroe v. Taylor, 259 Ga. App. 600, 577 S.E.2d 810 (2003).
Am. Jur. Proof of Facts. --Change in Circumstances Justifying Modification of Child Support Order, 1 POF2d 1.
   Wife's Ability to Support Herself, 2 POF2d 99.
   Forensic Economics -- Use of Economists in Cases of Dissolution of Marriage, 17 POF2d 345.
   Abandonment of Marriage Without Cause -- Defense in Alimony, Spousal Support, or Separate Maintenance Proceeding, 27 POF2d 737.
   Spousal Support on Termination of Marriage, 32 POF2d 439.
   Modification of Spousal Support Award, 32 POF2d 491.
   Legal Malpractice in Domestic Relations, 44 POF2d 377.
   Amount of Allowance for Attorney Fees in Domestic Relations Action, 45 POF2d 699.
   Modification of Spousal Support on Ground of Supported Spouse's Cohabitation, 6 POF3d 765.
ALR. --Validity and enforceability of escalation clause in divorce decree relating to alimony and child support, 19 ALR4th 830.
   Excessiveness or adequacy of amount of money awarded as permanent alimony following divorce, 28 ALR4th 786.
   Order awarding temporary support or living expenses upon separation of unmarried partners pending contract action based on services relating to personal relationship, 35 ALR4th 409.
   Divorce and separation: treatment of stock options for purposes of dividing marital property, 46 ALR4th 640.
   Valuation of stock options for purposes of divorce court's property distribution, 46 ALR4th 689.
   Postmajority disability as reviving parental duty to support child, 48 ALR4th 919.
   Court's authority to reinstitute parent's support obligation after terms of prior decree have been fulfilled, 48 ALR4th 952.
   Necessity that divorce court value property before distributing it, 51 ALR4th 11.
   Divorce and separation: method of valuation of life insurance policies in connection with trial court's division of property, 54 ALR4th 1203.
   Divorce: excessiveness or adequacy of combined property division and spousal support awards--modern cases, 55 ALR4th 14.
   Right to jury trial in state court divorce proceedings, 56 ALR4th 955.
   Divorce: order requiring that party not compete with former marital business, 59 ALR4th 1075.
   Divorce property distribution: real estate or trust property in which interest vested before marriage and was realized during marriage, 60 ALR4th 217.
   Insanity as defense to divorce or separation suit -- post-1950 cases, 67 ALR4th 277.
   Divorce and separation: effect of court prohibiting sale or transfer of property on party's right to change beneficiary of insurance policy, 68 ALR4th 929.
   What constitutes order made pursuant to state domestic relations law for purposes of qualified domestic relations order exception to antialienation provision of Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (29 USCS § 1056(d)), 79 ALR4th 1081.
   Parent's child support liability as affected by other parent's fraudulent misrepresentation regarding sterility or use of birth control, or refusal to abort pregnancy, 2 ALR5th 337.
   Authority of court, upon entering default judgment, to make orders for child custody or support which were not specifically requested in pleadings of prevailing party, 5 ALR5th 863.
   Spouse's right to set off debt owed by other spouse against accrued spousal or child support payments, 11 ALR5th 259.