§ 16-14-1. Short title
§ 16-14-2. Findings and intent of General Assembly
§ 16-14-3. Definitions
§ 16-14-4. Prohibited activities
§ 16-14-5. Criminal penalties for violation of Code Section 16-14-4
§ 16-14-6. Available civil remedies
§ 16-14-7. Forfeiture proceedings
§ 16-14-8. Period of limitations as to criminal or civil proceedings under this chapter
§ 16-14-9. Civil remedies as supplemental and not mutually exclusive
§ 16-14-10. Recognition and enforcement of judgments of other states; reciprocal agreements with other states
§ 16-14-11. Venue
§ 16-14-12. Cases of special public importance
§ 16-14-13. Filing and attachment of lien notice
§ 16-14-14. Term of lien notice; release, extinguishment, or termination
§ 16-14-15. Acquisition of record of real property by alien corporation


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