§ 16-13-70. Short title
§ 16-13-70.1. Definition of terms
§ 16-13-71. "Dangerous drug" defined
§ 16-13-71.1. "Anabolic steroid" defined
§ 16-13-72. Sale, distribution, or possession of dangerous drugs
§ 16-13-72.1. Revocation of dangerous drug permit; forfeiture
§ 16-13-73. Labeling prescription containers of dangerous drugs
§ 16-13-74. Written prescriptions for dangerous drugs; content; signature
§ 16-13-75. Drugs to be kept in original container; exception
§ 16-13-76. Use of fictitious name or false address when obtaining drugs
§ 16-13-77. Applicability of article to practitioner of the healing arts
§ 16-13-78. Obtaining or attempting to obtain dangerous drugs by fraud, forgery, or concealment of material fact
§ 16-13-78.1. Prescribing or ordering dangerous drugs
§ 16-13-78.2. Possession, manufacture, delivery, distribution, or sale of counterfeit substances
§ 16-13-79. Violations


TITLE 16 Chapter 13 Article 3 NOTE

CROSS REFERENCES. --Disciplinary action for student of public educational institution convicted of controlled substance offense, § 20-1-23. Disciplinary action for student of nonpublic educational institution convicted of controlled substance abuse, § 20-1-24. Enforcement powers of director of Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency and drug agents under article generally, § 26-4-29.
CONSTITUTIONALITY. --O.C.G.A. Art. 3, Ch. 13, T. 16 is not unconstitutionally vague, nor does it constitute illegal delegation of legislative authority for failing to list or codify which drugs are dangerous. Ward v. State, 248 Ga. 60, 281 S.E.2d 503 (1981).
CITED in Craig v. State, 130 Ga. App. 689, 204 S.E.2d 307 (1974).
ENFORCEMENT OF ARTICLE. --Georgia State Board of Pharmacy lacks discretion to refrain from enforcing O.C.G.A. Art. 3, Ch. 13, T. 16. 1982 Op. Att'y Gen. No. 82-44.
APPLICABILITY TO STATE AND LOCAL AGENCIES. --State and local agencies are subject to the requirements of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, O.C.G.A. § 16-13-20 et seq., but are not subject to the requirements of the Dangerous Drug Act, O.C.G.A. § 16-13-70 et seq., since there is no definition of "person" specifically applicable to the Dangerous Drug Act. 1986 Op. Att'y Gen. No. 86-28.
ALR. --Conviction of possession of illicit drugs found in premises of which defendant was in nonexclusive possession, 56 ALR3d 948.
   Conviction of possession of illicit drugs found in automobile of which defendant was not sole occupant, 57 ALR3d 1319.