§ 16-13-20. Short title
§ 16-13-21. Definitions
§ 16-13-22. Administration of article; standards and schedules
§ 16-13-23. Nomenclature for controlled substances
§ 16-13-24. Establishment of schedules of controlled substances
§ 16-13-25. Schedule I
§ 16-13-26. Schedule II
§ 16-13-27. Schedule III
§ 16-13-27.1. Exempt anabolic steroids
§ 16-13-28. Schedule IV
§ 16-13-29. Schedule V
§ 16-13-29.1. Nonnarcotic substances excluded from schedules of controlled substances
§ 16-13-29.2. Authority for exemption of over-the-counter Schedule V controlled substances
§ 16-13-30. (For effective date, see note) Purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution, or sale of controlled substances or marijuana; penalties
§ 16-13-30. (Effective July 1, 2014. See note.) Purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution, or sale of controlled substances or marijuana; penalties
§ 16-13-30.1. Unlawful manufacture, delivery, distribution, possession, or sale of noncontrolled substances
§ 16-13-30.2. Unlawful manufacture, distribution, or possession with intent to distribute of imitation controlled substances
§ 16-13-30.3. Possession of substances containing ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine; restrictions on sales of products containing pseudoephedrine
§ 16-13-30.4. Licenses for sale, transfer, or purchase for resale of products containing pseudoephedrine; reporting and record-keeping requirements; grounds for denial, suspension, or revocation of licenses; rules and regulations; exceptions; forfeiture; violations
§ 16-13-30.5. Possession of substances with intent to use or convey such substances for the manufacture of Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substances
§ 16-13-30.6. Prohibition on purchase and sale of marijuana flavored products
§ 16-13-31. Trafficking in cocaine, illegal drugs, marijuana, or methamphetamine; penalties
§ 16-13-31.1. Trafficking in ecstasy; sentencing; variation
§ 16-13-32. Transactions in drug related objects; forfeitures and penalties
§ 16-13-32.1. Transactions in drug related objects; evidence as to whether object is drug related; forfeitures and penalties
§ 16-13-32.2. Possession and use of drug related objects
§ 16-13-32.3. Use of communication facility in committing or facilitating commission of act which constitutes felony under chapter; penalty
§ 16-13-32.4. Manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, or possessing controlled substances in, on, or near public or private schools
§ 16-13-32.5. Manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, or possessing controlled substance, marijuana, or counterfeit substance near park or housing project; nonmerger of offenses; evidence of location and boundaries; posting; affirmative defenses
§ 16-13-32.6. Manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, or possessing with intent to distribute controlled substance or marijuana in, on, or within drug-free commercial zone
§ 16-13-33. Attempt or conspiracy to commit offense under this article
§ 16-13-34. Promulgation of rules relating to registration and control of controlled substances; registration fees
§ 16-13-35. General registration requirements
§ 16-13-36. Factors considered in determining whether to register manufacturer or distributor
§ 16-13-37. Grounds for suspending or revoking registration; disposition of controlled substances; notification to bureau
§ 16-13-38. Procedure for denying, suspending, revoking, or limiting registration; automatic suspension
§ 16-13-39. Manufacturers, distributors, and dispensers to maintain records of controlled substances
§ 16-13-40. Distribution of Schedule I and II substances
§ 16-13-41. Prescriptions
§ 16-13-42. Unauthorized distribution and dispensation; refusal or failure to keep records; refusal to permit inspection; unlawfully maintaining structure or place; penalty
§ 16-13-43. Unauthorized distribution; penalties
§ 16-13-44. Penalties under other laws
§ 16-13-45. Powers of enforcement personnel
§ 16-13-46. Administrative inspections and warrants
§ 16-13-47. Injunctions
§ 16-13-48. Cooperative arrangements with federal and other state agencies
§ 16-13-48.1. Funds or property transferred to state or local agencies under federal drug laws
§ 16-13-49. Forfeitures
§ 16-13-50. Burden of proof; liability of enforcement officers in lawful performance of duties
§ 16-13-51. Judicial review of administrative determinations, findings, and conclusions
§ 16-13-52. Programs and research on prevention of abuse of controlled substances; confidentiality of research; exemption from penalties
§ 16-13-53. Pending proceedings
§ 16-13-54. Orders and rules promulgated prior to July 1, 1974
§ 16-13-54.1. Weight or quantity of controlled substance or marijuana not essential element of offense
§ 16-13-55. Construction of article
§ 16-13-56. Penalty for violation of article; restitution to the state for cleanup of environmental hazards; other remedies


TITLE 16 Chapter 13 Article 2 Part 1 NOTE

EDITOR'S NOTES. --Ga. L. 2011, p. 659, § 2, effective July 1, 2011, redesignated the former provisions of Article 2 of Chapter 13, Title 16 as Part 1, Article 2 of Chapter 13, Title 16.